Diving Equipment EN


Travel light! All the diving gear you need is available for rent in the dive center, with the guarantee of a well-maintained and full-functional equipment. In order to guarantee the availability of the equipment you require, please let your travel agent know at the time of booking.

Equipment renting / Non-standard tank:
1. Stabilizing jacket (BCD)
2. Regulator
3. Wetsuit
4. Fins/mask/snorkel
5. Lamp
6. Dive computer
7. Digital depth gauge
8. 12 l aluminium tank Nitrox
9. 15 l steel tank Air
10. 15 l steel tank Nitrox

5 days package available!
BCD / regulator / wetsuit / fins / mask / snorkel
We are also a shop!

Here is a sample list of what we can offer you:
Embroidered beach towels
Printed T-shirts
Embroidered Sweat-shirts
The Safaga dive sites map
The “Debelius” Reef Guide
The Safaga topography

You can order one of our T-shirts or Sweat-shirts – in the color of your choice (according to the models we have) and CUSTOMISED with any text, name or advertising message… either using roman letters, arabic alphabet, or hieroglyphes. We need only 2 days to produce it especially for you!

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